Improve your performance!

Big Dashan's practical training courses teach the real-world skills you, your team and your entire organization can use to boost productivity and achieve goals.

Courses Based on Real-Life Experience and Proven Concepts

Created by Denis Lévesque, Big Dashan's training programs draw from his diverse business background. Our courses focus on:

  • Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Career Management
  • Performance Management and Feedback
  • Change Management
  • Negotiation
  • Project management
  • Management skills  
  • Leadership
  • And more

Combined with his ever-expanding knowledge of human performance and behaviours, participants leave with the tools and techniques needed to address real-world issues and drive performance.

Focused on Action and Accountability

Prior to starting every course, Big Dashan works with management to set clear expectations. We provide a framework for management to discuss with their team both before and after the training. We then deliver the course using a methodology that encourages participants to integrate new ideas and theories into their workplace.

Participants leave Big Dashan courses with clearly-defined goals, an action plan and a seminar partner to whom they are accountable for action plan progress. Management then follows up using the provided framework. This ensures attendees put to use what they have learned!

Interactive, Dynamic and Customizable Content

During training delivery, Denis balances his highly energetic and engaging methodology with compassion. This helps people to understand and acknowledge their fears and surpass their perceived limitations. We can work with you to customize any course, or develop a new one. Plus, you can also choose between in-person content delivery or via a webinar.

The Power Of Post-Training Coaching

Get the maximum benefit for your training dollars. Big Dashan can provide one-on-one coaching sessions with course attendees to follow up on the practical application of concepts and ideas. Studies prove that adding post-training coaching improves overall retention and produces a greater impact on organizational productivity… as much as 88%!*

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Course Summaries

Negotiation with Confidence
The know-how to get a fair deal.

Negotiation Mastery
Move beyond the basics and master your negotiation skills for that extra edge.

Management Skills
Insight to form and lead highly
performing teams in a rapidly
changing business world.

Project Management
Learn how to manage your time, budget, people and deliverables successfully.


... coaching increases retention and application of learned skills in the workplace. In case studies where coaching was used to support training, productivity rose 88%*, four times greater than the productivity increase experienced by those who were not coached."
- * Coaching in Organizations: Best Coaching Practices from the Ken Blanchard Companies
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them..." - Einstein

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