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Take Your Game to a Whole New Level

The most successful executives make better decisions, faster; they possess impressive leadership and management skills; and they ALWAYS want to get better. That's why top ranking CEOs throughout the world use an executive coach. They know that to get from good to GREAT, they can work smarter (not harder) by using the focus, objective viewpoint and expertise of an executive coach.

Lead by experienced professional Denis Lévesque, Big Dashan's executive coaching services provide the framework needed to take you and your organization to the next level. In fact, a recent engagement saw a more than 300% return on the coaching investment! That success lies in our ability to:

  • Provide objective feedback
  • Challenge you to rethink ideas and look at issues from a new perspective
  • Act as a confidential sounding board
  • Assess your current personal, management and leadership styles and identify areas for improvement
  • Offer continued support and focus as you set and complete your goals

Watch Organizational Productivity and Performance Soar

Big Dashan provides the clarity, confidence and passion high achievers like you need to lead you and your company to new heights. Not only will you improve your "soft skills" such as conflict resolution and dealing with Boards and other executives, you'll develop a focus that results in significant company-wide performance improvements.

Make the impossible your reality!

Set up your appointment to discuss how Big Dashan can take your executive game to a new level!

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(Executive) Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. Including the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%.
- MetrixGlobal, 2001 study

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