Career Coaching

Advance your Career… Exponentially!

Big Dashan's unique Career Coaching System empowers current and potential job-seekers to transition quickly to their next job. Our program offerings include:

  • Individual Power Sessions. Need to address a specific topic, roadblock or strategy to handle a situation? Then this is for you!
  • Selling Yourself! What is your brand? Unique selling proposition? Does this match what the company needs? How do you secure your next interview? What will lead an employer or CEO to call you back? Find these answers and more by taking our "Selling Yourself" program.
  • Career Assessment. Using the Birkman Method ®, we help you assess career interests, motivations and the work environments that will strengthen your potential for a successful job and career fit.
  • Finding the HIDDEN Jobs. The best jobs or "gems" are sometimes hidden. We show you how to become a Sherlock Holmes and find that dream job!
  • The Impactful Resume. A strong resume opens many doors. This three-part program goes through the basics of creating a high-impact resume that can powerfully open the "doors" or opportunities of your choice.
  • The Fully Baked Resume. For the busy business professional, Big Dashan can write your resume for you! You relax, answer our questions and we'll create a professional results-driven resume.
  • Mastering the Interview. In this program, you won't just answer interview questions: you will learn how to create an emotional bond in just 30 seconds that will convince the interviewer you are the solution to their problem.
  • Negotiating for the Moon. Even in a tough economy, you can reach a WIN-WIN conclusion that puts more money in your pocket. Learn how to negotiate from the start!
  • The Leap Forward. This 11 session program covers all essentials of a successful career transition. This course is given at a pace that allows you to integrate the material covered and address any challenges which may arise; therefore, we make sure you are set up to succeed.

In the end, our career coaching system is much more than finding a job, it's about a personal journey of self discovery. You will come out stronger and more confident than when you started.

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An ad I had applied to previously had been re-worded and re-posted. I reworded my cover letter (using some of your advice on compensation) and emailed it off…. Six minutes later the phone rings and I get called in for an interview!! I'm currently doing some contract work for them, with probable full time employment in the near future - Tord
Denis is thorough professional who has the best interest at heart for his clients. He will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know in order to succeed. Denis will show you the path and then encourage you to undertake the journey.

Along the way, he provides his insights, encouragement and the occasional kick in the pants to get you to your destination. I was impressed by his knowledge about how to improve one's chances of getting the dream job. Denis offered several resources to assist me in preparing my resume and a strong cover letter. Denis was very responsive to my needs and I would strongly recommend him as a career coach.
- Rattan Muradia

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